Cloud Computing at MSG for 2012

Happy New Year

2012 has arrived and we at Micro Support Group are planning how to best provide for the information technology needs of our clients for the future.  Over the past year we have seen our “Cloud” business grow significantly.  We are now offering various versions of private cloud technologies hosted in our Earthlink housed data center.  We are providing hosting for client owned servers, we are hosting virtual machines for client servers, we are hosting individual applications, and we are hosting DR for clients.  Along with those sophisticated services we continue to host email and online backup.

To meet the growing demand for our cloud services, in 2011 we increased our available bandwidth, we added more storage capacity for our on-line backup, we added Dell IDRAC to give us the ability to manage servers more fully remotely and our final investment in 2011 was an additional cabinet to house additional infrastructure.  MSG also invested in additional hardware that will make our hosted servers run much cooler and thus reducing our demand for power.  Because on top of all of the cost, reliability, and service benefits Cloud computing provides our clients, it is also a very “green” alternative to the on-premise data center.

For 2012 we will continue to invest in our “Cloud” capabilities.  Micro Support Group is certainly not the largest provider of cloud services in the industry but anyone would be hard pressed to find another provider with a more cost effective alternative with a better track record of reliability or more responsive service.  If you are thinking that “Cloud” is in your organizations future and have any questions what-so-ever, please give me a call.  Whether you host with us or not, I would be pleased to discuss cloud technologies with you.


Bruce Billingham

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